Long Island Chess Club


The LICC is an Affiliate of the United States Chess Federation (USCF).

Welcome to the website of the Long Island Chess Club!

The Long Island Chess Club (LICC) is OPEN.  Due to COVID-19, the protocols below must be followed per NY State guidelines, our venue’s policy, and LICC policy.  Following these protocols will ensure a safe environment for all.  The tournament hall and restrooms will be cleaned before and after our meeting time.  Food cannot be consumed in the building.

#1: MASKS must be worn at all times in the church.  Mask wearing has shown to be highly effective, even in situations where less than six feet of distancing is not possible.  It must be a DEDICATED/STAND-ALONE MASK.  Scarves, makeshift masks, lifting your shirt over your nose, etc. are not permitted.  The mask must cover your mouth AND nose. 

#2: Only tournament participants may enter.  Spectators and visitors are NOT  permitted at this time.  For a minor child, ONE parent may accompany the child in the tournament hall.

#3: All players are to maintain six feet of distancing when possible.  I realize your opponent will be closer, but that’s where the masks come in.  I will also space each game as far apart as possible.  We generally have under 30 players which is a good number under these circumstances.  While not required, I highly recommend you consider wearing a face shield as well.  They are readily available at Amazon and are very inexpensive.  

#4: All players must leave IMMEDIATELY after their game is finished.  

#5: All players must be conscious of personal hygiene.  That means washing your hands THOROUGHLY after using the restroom, avoiding mouth-breathing, etc.  Players need to bring hand sanitizer and/or disinfecting wipes and use them liberally.  

#6: Players must clean their boards, pieces and clocks with a disinfecting wipe/spray before and after their game. 

PLAYERS NEED TO SUPPLY THEIR OWN DISINFECTANT SPRAY/WIPES FOR #5 AND #6 ABOVE. In addition, masks and other PPE will NOT be available on site. This is the players' responsibility.

I appreciate your cooperation as we deal with this pandemic.  Please note that anyone not following these protocols after being warned will be asked to leave and will forfeit his/her game.  THANK YOU for your support of the LICC.

Please check back here for updates. All are invited to join the conversation on our Facebook group (click icon below). Be safe.

We are the place for chess on Long Island!  New members of all levels are welcome! 

We host USCF-rated tournaments on Thursday evenings at the United Methodist Church, 470 East Meadow Ave., East Meadow, NY 11554. USCF membership is required for tournament play. Visit the US Chess Federation website to join. Free for unrated players!